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Mollieee ♥

Hustle till nightfall; party till sunlight

(via uponawish)

  • Me: I'm ugly.
  • Society: Have confidence, love yourself, you're beautiful!
  • Me: I'm hot.
  • Society: You self absorbed bitch, get the fuck over yourself.

time to finally move on and be happppy. the good times were the best times but the bad times were horrible. you’ve become another lesson in my life that i will look back to one day, and thank you for what you did. because through it all you helped me realize what i deserve. to be treated like a princess day in and day out. not deal with the lies or ignore the mistakes someones made. I cant make excuses for people any longer. it becomes exhausting and it isnt my job. I have thicker skin now because of you. so in the end, thank you for what you did to me. cause now i know crystal clear that i deserve way better than you and the way you treated me.

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